Latest news from Alphabet Kidz

28/04/2014 - Florence B meets herself instore ;)

Florence takes time off to admire her hard work :)

28/04/2014 - Blake filming today for World Cup Commercial

Exciting shoot for Blake today :)

28/04/2014 - Denniel on the New Nike Commercial

Denneil Nike ‘Winner Stays’ World Cup Commercial has been aired :)

Watch the link below and see Denneil take the penalty for Cristiano Ronaldo !!

28/04/2014 - Jordan B on Blue Peter

Jordan B was on the latest episode of Blue Peter for a interview about Rockets Island . Rocket's Island is about to go to Series II.

Check out the link below at 24 minutes in.

Well Done Jordan you did a great job :)

25/04/2014 - Harry models for Cath Kidston today

Hope you had lots of fun today at the shoot :)

And look after the spider that followed you home ;)

25/04/2014 - Jake had a great time modelling for Hackett

Jake was in the driving seat of a sports car for his shoot with this Iconic British Brand

Well done Jake :)

25/04/2014 - Kiera-Nicole modelled for Smart Planet

An educational textbook to teach English as a foreign language

Great feedback from the client Kiera well done :)

25/04/2014 - Myia has shot a commercial for a well know biscuit brand

A very fun commercial to film with live owls on set :)

25/04/2014 - Rocky has been busy modelling for Marie Chantal again

3 days of modelling for Marie Chantal finishes today

Hope you have had a great time :)

25/04/2014 - Felix modelled for Alex and Alexa this week

Glad it was a fun shoot Felix :)