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12/08/2014 - Enterprise Car Rental Commercial

Well done to Duke and Bert who are featured in this Enterprise Car Rental commercial :)

lick on the link below

12/08/2014 - Rugby World Cup

The Price family took part in a rugby world cup commercial , hope your all had fun on shoot !

Can't wait to see the commercial :)

12/08/2014 - Kassian ...

Kassian has done an amazing job today , working on a voiceover project for Disney :)

Hope you had fun Kassian

11/08/2014 - Enya on the Morrcks shoot

Enya on the Morrcks shoot. It looks like she had fun on set and the images look great :-)

08/08/2014 - Expectant Mothers and Family Required

Expectant Mothers, Fathers and Grandfathers needed for an exciting TV commercial.
Spread the word and ask anyone interested to email with their name, due date and contact details.
Please do not call the office regarding this.
Thanks :-)


Catch Kazier in The Honourable Woman last night

06/08/2014 - Aaron

Check out Aaron in the nw sky sports commercial.

Good work :)

06/08/2014 - Melanie on her modelling job for Cygnets' Dance Studio

Melanie on her modelling job for Cygnets' Dance Studio. You can find her on their homepage :-) she looks great!

04/08/2014 - Mr Bean

Well done to to Alfie, Ella and Connor who did some recording for the new series of the animation for MR BEAN !

We can't wait to watch it :)

04/08/2014 - Families Wanted.......

Hello if there are any families out there , we are looking for a mum + dad and 2 siblings . THe children have to be 16 or over.

This is very a exciting upcoming advertisig campaign.

If interested please send picture to