Latest news from Alphabet Kidz

11/04/2014 - Great new images through for Jeremiah

Jeremiah in new campaign for well known European High Street Store

11/04/2014 - Sheya Performing for the Macbeth Show

An amazing shot captured by photographer Andy Barker of our amazing Sheya who played the part of Lady Macbeth in the theatre production of the Macbeth Show. She took part in the Macbeth show at the Wimbledon Studio Theatre.

11/04/2014 - Emma P Proximus 4G Teaser

Check out Emma in a teaser for a new advert for Proximus 4G, looks great Emma, cannot wait to see the final advert :)

10/04/2014 - Jeremiah and Lily-Rose modelling for well know British Store

Shoots this week with AK models Jeremiah and Lily-Rose

10/04/2014 - Leyla H involved in exciting project interviewing celebrities

Leyla is filming this week for an exciting project that involves interviewing celebrities on growing up

10/04/2014 - AK Babies modelling for Boden this week

Have fun Zacary and Josai :)

10/04/2014 - Isla booked for first job modelling for Top Toy Company

Hope you had good fun Isla :)

10/04/2014 - Demi-Lea modelling Prince George's dungarees :)

We had a double take this morning when we saw Baby George in the Metro wearing the Rachel Riley dungarees that Demi-Lea modelled for the British Designer last year. We think they both look very cute :)

07/04/2014 - Jordan B 'Rockets Island' TX Dates

We have had confirmation that episode 1 of Rocketís Island will be transmitted on Monday 14th April at 17:25 on CBBC and the series will then continue in that slot every week :)

04/04/2014 - Saturday Night Takaway

Some of our mini celebrities had a great day on set filming for the final show for ITV Saturday Night takeaway and meeting little ant and dec.
Aidan O took to the stage as Little Boris Johston and Archie O as little Robbie Williams and they did an amazing job.
Remember to set your alarms and watch it this Saturday at 7pm !