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26/08/2014 - Izzy

Izzy has been chosen by her school and is now one of 8 finalist in the UK school Memory Championships.

Good Luck with the compitition next week

22/08/2014 - Pepper Pig ...

Check out the amazing video of Ellis who was sampling a new Peppa Pig game for Argos .

Looks like you had fun, keep up the good work Ellis

Click on the link and then VIDEO

22/08/2014 - Kaizer Akhtar confirmed for role in an exciting new TV Series!

Kaizer Akhtar confirmed for role in an exciting new TV Series! More details coming soon.... Watch this space : )

21/08/2014 - Callow and Sons Short Film

Check out the Snippet's of the Moore siblings in the Callow and Sons short film :)

Well Done ..

21/08/2014 - Disney - It's My Friday

Jem and Sam at the rehearsals for Dinsey - It's My Friday.
Good luck on Saturday boys

Looking forward to seeing it on the TV :)


We are currrently looking for a FULL TIME ADMINISTATOR at the agency.

A minimum of 2 years office expeirence required.

18/08/2014 - Aaron recording for Zou today :)

Aaron recording for Zou today... enjoy!

18/08/2014 - Tine Biola Shoot

Bert was on the Tine Biola shoot advertising the Fruit Juice for 3 days last week.

18/08/2014 - Nood London...

Jake has got an exciting shoot for Noood London - Scarf brand tomorrow :)

Have Fun :D

18/08/2014 - India cast for Ryvita Commercial

India was pampered on set last week on the Ryvita commercial... lucky girl :)