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London Talent Agency representing young talent. TV, Films, Commercials, Voiceovers and Photographic bookings.  Established in 2003.
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TV/Film Master classes teaching the art of naturalistic acting. An introduction to the actor's tool box. Building self confidence and broadening acting skills. 
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BAFTA Award winning Talent Management company specialising in Actors representation for TV and Film.  Artist Management and Personal Representation.  
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Our Teen Division representing Talent across TV, Film, Commercials, Voiceovers and Photographic bookings. Our aim is not to match just the right look, but more importantly to select the right personality, temperament and experience - ensuring we carefully select only the artists/models that are right for each individual booking. Continuing always to nurture and develop the skills and talents of all the artists/models on our Agency.
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Kaizer Akhtar as Young TUT in Spike Tv's latest three part drama TUT

Kaizer Akhtar alongside Oscar winner Ben Kingsley (Schindler’s List) in this epic three part drama documenting the rise of The Boy King Tutankhamun. With a star studded cast this is sure to be one to watch. We are all really proud of Kaizer.

Voice Over - DISNEY

Disney Voice over artists confirmed

Kelly Knox writes for Alex and Alexa

Kelly Knox is a successful model represented by our Management division. Check out Kelly's latest article for Alex and Alexa, live today. Last Autumn, Kelly was listed in the Power 100 - Britain's Most Influential People with a Disability. She is also an ambassador for the children’s charity REACH and works for a disability-led arts organisation called Sharpe. Glamour magazine featured Kelly’s article ‘Letters to my body’ in September 2014.

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